You know what breaks my heart? Watching people put in time and effort at the gym and their food regime, not seeing results, and then giving up. Getting to the gym and trying to eat healthier is the hardest part! Check this “equation” out: Get Your Butt to the Gym + Eat Healthier + Doing Both Correctly = RESULTS THAT GET YOU HOOKED AND CRAVING MORE! Let’s talk about what you CAN do to get the most out of the effort you’re already putting in…so that you can get SEXIER!


  2. Face it – extra weight comes from eating more calories than the body burns. Bottom line. After all, there are people who don’t exercise who are not overweight. Therefore, it is VITAL that you give this extra attention. Focus on vegetables, fruits, and lean sources of protein to give your body the fuel it needs and keep your calories in a deficit (meaning eating less calories than your body is burning). This, in combination with cutting out any liquid calories, and you will be well on your way to sexy town.


Yes – I’m being blunt here because you need to hear it! Everyday I see people using their whole body to bicep curl or squatting halfway, among many other things. Not everyone can afford a personal trainer – I get it. But there are an ABUNDANCE of free YouTube videos with detailed form explanations…so go check them out. You must connect to the specific muscle group you are trying to work.


Want to change your body? You must surprise it. Work harder than you did the workout before. Run farther. Lift heavier. Jump higher. Always focus on beating your last score. Men and women both need to focus on increasing the weight they are using over time to really see results. But don’t worry ladies – you will get sexy training with weights – not buff. Promise!


Doing a set of 10 reps? You should BARELY be able to pump out that final rep. If it’s a breeze, you need to be doing heavier weight or more repetitions. You have to push yourself. You can do it!


Failure to prepare is preparing for failure! When you begin a workout be armed with a routine! This will keep you efficient and productive. Without a routine you do some of this, some of that, and then cut it short and leave – we’ve all been there! You can literally Google a free workout program and find one in a minute or two. No excuses!


Yes, it’s IMPERATIVE that I mention this again. At one point in my life I was working out 2-3 times a day like a crazy man trying to lose fat. The only thing I gained from this was a crazy appetite, and I literally ate the added hard work away. Sad days…but you get the point. Next time you tell yourself, “I earned this cupcake”, realize that you are washing away the work you put in exercising. Are you OK with that?


 Some people put together a month or two of BUTT KICKING work, see some results, and then take a break and lose the progress they made. AHH! If you stick with it, over time you will reach your goals! Consistency is such a huge part of your fitness journey. Enjoy the process and take pride in every single bit of progression that you make. YOU. ARE. AWESOME!

Well? Did you fall into any of these categories? If you did – THAT’S OK! Now you have the power to overcome these obstacles and really make some amazing progress. Focus on one thing or two at a time, get them down, and then move on to the next. The best version of you is waiting…go get it!