Toilet Roll Magic!

Believe it or not, my children’s father is a magician. Not like an, “I can do the odd card trick” kind of magician, like an actual, full time professional magician. This might go some way to explain why it is sometimes hard to get my son excited about paper crafts when there is a magician’s workshop at the end of the garden.

I bet he can’t do THIS with a toilet roll though…

What you need:

-4 toilet rolls (3-4)

-Colored paper or paint

-Sticky tape or clear contact


How to make it:

1) Take one toilet roll and place it aside.

2) Take a second and make a cut down the length of the roll. Cut about 1cm off the roll lengthways and 1cm at the top.

3) Do this again with roll 3 but cut approximately 2cm off the length and the top. Repeat with roll 4 cutting approximately 3cm off the lenth and top.

4) Make roll 5 from one of the leftover pieces from roll 4, trimming it to fit the scale.

5) Test that all of your roles are ascending neatly and fit inside each other and then tape up with a piece of sticky tape.

To decorate:

  1. 6) Choose a theme. You can really choose pretty much any theme for these. You can do animals, sea creatures, abstract shapes and colors, or a family portrait, like we did.

7) Cover the rolls. Measure your newly assembled rolls against some flat pieces of colored paper and cut just enough to fit all the way around the rolls. Make sure it’s a snug fit and then run a line of sticky tape along the join. Little people might find gluing this a bit easier.

8) Play dress up. I’m a bit of a messy painter so I decided to cut my clothes out of the paper. If your maker is very mini then you could help by cutting the shapes beforehand. Once cut, layer the shapes on top of each other to create your characters and then stick down with glue.


9) Attach the clothes to the rolls. I did this using layers of sticky tape as a that’s what I had at hand, but if you had clear contact that would work well too. You don’t need to cover them at all really but if you plan to play with these a lot then a clear protective layer will extend their life a bit.

10) Showtime! Put all your rolls inside each other and invited some friends over for a mini toilet roll magic show!