It’s that time of year when everyone is sick.  The weather is up and down, the kids at school are all coughing and sneezing all over each other.  So inevitably your child is going to get sick, just from the germs being spread around his or her school. My son has already caught croup twice, the last time I kept him home for an entire week so he could get 100% better before returning to germ city, I mean school.  So here are some tips to surviving a week at home with your sick child, while still managing to attempt to get some work done…

1. Meal Prep:
Prepare a huge soup in the Crockpot.  I made a simple chicken soup, found the recipe off Pinterest. (  My son ate soup, for lunch and dinner for days! We made several batches and just switched up the ingredients slightly, you can do veggie, chicken or turkey version. He even helped make some dumplings to add to the soup.  It was total teamwork and because he had a helping hand in making it that’s all he wanted to eat! Also, make sure to prep some snacks, wash and cut up fruit and veggies and put them in Tupperware in the fridge.  I also like to make a batch of homemade Popsicle’s if his throat is really hurting.

2. Photo albums:
My mother in law makes him photo albums and writes little narratives at the bottom of the photo so it’s like a story about his life.  He had a blast reading all about himself and his family.  This kept him entertained for at least an hour.  It’s just a nice change from all the books he reads all the time.  You can also pull up a slideshow of pictures you have on the computer if you don’t have a physical album and connect that to the TV for them to watch.  We also like to watch video clips from when he was a baby.  But be careful with that last one, because now my child is begging for a baby, not 1 but 2!!

3. Play hide and seek:
Well kind of,  you hide toys around the house and send them on a scavenger hunt.  This activity gives you a little break so you can try and squeeze in some work… Key word here is TRY… It’s really not that simple with a sick child at home I know.

4. Simple activities:
Keep activities super simple so that your child won’t get worked up and frustrated.  They can be extremely irritable when they are sick, so you don’t want to risk frustrating them with a new game they don’t know how to play yet.  I like to pull out stuff that I know he can do on his own so he can play independently.

5. Go for a walk:
Take a stroll around the neighborhood and talk about what you see.  The brisk air is great for those at home sick with croup and a change of scenery is always good.

6. Wrap a gift:
Since the holidays just past, they may have some gifts you haven’t given them yet or that they haven’t played with yet.  Wrap them up and give it to them to enjoy!

7. Watch TV:
If they’re really sick just let them relax and watch their favorite shows and don’t feel guilty about it.  I know we all have that guilt of is our child watching too much tv?  This is not the time to worry about it, they’re little bodies need to rest so just let them relax on the couch.

8. Build a fort:
You can turn the couch into a comfy little bed for them or turn it into a cool fort with some spare bed sheets for them to read and play their games in.

9. Cuddle Time:
Most importantly, take a break and just cuddle them.  I know that you might not be able to do this all day, as much as you’d like to.  However, just taking a moment 15 minutes, 30 minutes here and there and/or watching a movie of their choice will mean the world to them.  Knowing that you are there to make them feel better is everything to a child, so don’t forget to stop what you’re doing, give them a cuddle and tell them you love them.  Because your undivided attention and love is the best medicine of all!