This Turkey Napkin Holder & Place Card Craft is a fun paper project that’s perfect for kids and also a beautiful and festive way to decorate your Thanksgiving table!

Materials you need for project:

-4 sheets of paper in assorted fall colors (dark orange, light orange, yellow and glitter)
-Paper trimmer (or scissors if you don’t have one)
-Shipping tape (or regular tape)
-Double sided tape (or glue dots)
-Googly eyes
-Alphabet letters (or marker to write name)


1. First, cut the yellow and orange papers into 1” strips (25 strips for each turkey)

2. Then separate them into 5 sections of 5 strips each and mix colors in any order you like best. Cut each strip into 5 different lengths (8”, 7”, 6”, 5”, 4”)

3. Once all 5 strips are cut into different lengths, staple the ends together on one side.

4. Repeat on the opposite end so strips will resemble a rainbow shape.

5. Next, pinch both ends together to make a teardrop and wrap shipping tape around the tip to secure (I LOVE shipping tape because its so strong and unlike glue you never have to wait for it to dry!) If your cardstock isn’t too thick, you might be able to make a tear drop connecting all 10 ends together and staple them in one. However, my paper is too heavy so I had to attach each side separately to all fit in one staple.

6. Repeat this 4 more times so you have 5 separate teardrop shapes.

7. Now that you’ve made all the feathers for your turkey, it’s time to attach them.
Take double sided tape (or glue dots/glue) and place at the base of each feather to join together. Make the middle feather the tallest then each feather attached next placed slightly lower. Once all 5 are set in place take a strip of shipping tape and wrap around the tip to secure.

8. Draw a bowling pin shape for the body of the turkey on back of glitter paper and cut out. With the spare scraps of paper cut a beak, wattle, feet and along with the googly eyes attach together with glue or glue dots. If you’d like your turkey napkin holder to serve double duty as a place card, cut out a strip of paper with scraps and either use alphabet letters or a pen to write out name of guest. Then attach to the belly of the turkey body.

9. Once the turkey body is complete take a piece of ribbon and loop around the middle feather (with ends dangling out the back) then attach turkey body on top of feathers to complete napkin holder!