When I went vegan I worried that food would all of a sudden turn boring. Not only was I completely wrong, but my eyes have been opened up to the vast range of incredible food that is out there. @VeganFatKid has brought you all of the amazing “must eat” vegan dishes in Los Angeles. And don’t let the name fool you. He is one of the fittest and healthiest men I’ve ever seen.

Check out our list and maybe it will inspire you to eat a vegan meal, a vegan day, or even transform your life by cutting out animal products.


1. Mac N’ Cheese – Sun Café, Studio City – Voted the best vegan Mac N’ Cheese in Los Angeles for a reason. Sure, you probably think your mum makes a better vegan mac but I highly doubt it (sorry mum). Pro tip: when they say don’t touch the skillet, they mean it. Oh, and did I mention it’s 100% organic? @suncafela

2. Deep Dish Pizza – Masa, Echo Park – The only authentic Chicago style Deep Dish vegan pizza in LA, using imported Teese cheese all the way from…Chicago! Be sure to clear your schedule for the most satisfying of vegan food comas. Share with friends! And no, there is no gluten free option. @masaofechopark

3. The SpicyDilla – Organix, Eagle Rock – For the days when you absolutely need a Spicy Fried Chiken Sandwich wrapped in a Cheezy Quesadilla, you visit Organix. 100% vegan and 100% willing to make up the craziest most delicious dishes! I call this place home. @organixla

4. Jackfruit Tacos – Plantfood For The People, Highland Park – The undisputed Jackfruit kings of LA. These guys have been perfecting their family recipe long before the hipsters even knew what a Jackfruit Taco was. The secret is all in the sauce, so be sure to try them all and don’t be afraid to branch out: their Nachos and Tortas are equally as legendary. @plantfoodforppl

5. Froyo – YogaUrt, Glendale – Frozen Yoghurt, Soft Serve, vegan Ice Cream; call it what you like but you’d never guess this creamy all organic, kosher, gluten free frozen dessert is 100% dairy free! I double dare you to take your favourite non-vegan person with you to experience exactly how delicious cruelty free treats can be! Oh, and did I mention the toppings? One word: #GummyBears. @yoga_urt

6. Reuben – Locali, Hollywood – You absolutely don’t need meat to make this classic American sandwich! Marinated vegan deli slices, Sauerkraut, Russian dressing, cheese, grilled between two slices of marble rye. All the classic feels, none of the classic regret. This ain’t your standard American gut bomb! @localiyours

7. The Beyond Burger – Veggie Grill, Santa Monica – If you haven’t experienced the newest breakthrough in plant based protein, you need to. Beyond Meat has poured their heart, soul and science into transforming plant protein into a delicious vegan patty that grills just like meat — and Veggie Grill is now serving it! Definitely take a non-vegan with you, for science. @veggiegrill

8. Jann’s “Lox” Bagel – Crossroads, Melrose – Yes, I’ve been to New York. Yes, I’ve eaten a traditional Lox Bagel (from Ess-A-Bagel) and yes, I think Jann’s “Carrot Lox” Bagel holds it’s own. Beyond Crossroads being a beautiful dining experience, this all vegan bagel deserves to be on every fancy Sunday Brunch table in America. @crossroadskitchen

9. Baked Scallops – Shojin, Little Tokyo – Just mention you’re going out for vegan sushi and most people think you’re either crazy or eating cucumber rolls. Then take them to Little Tokyo, order a bottle of Sake and watch their disbelief as the culinary magicians at Shojin wow them with the most exquisitely creative sushi rolls, ramen, and of course, the famous torched Baked Scallops! It’s a complete dining experience that must not be missed. @shojinlove

10. Donuts – Donut Friend, Highland Park – What’s not to love about a 100% vegan DIY donut shop that you’d never even know is vegan (cause they donuts bro)? Forget your coffee and donut routine, now we coffee and Donut Friend. Located in one of the hippest parts of Los Angeles, be sure to try their house favourites before having them make you a custom, ice cream filled creation of your choice. Oh, and if you’re like me and prefer choosing donuts from your couch, you can always download their app! The future is now people. @donutfriend