My first pregnancy was 5 years ago. It’s so surreal that something that seemed like it happened yesterday could also feel like such a distant memory. The daily struggles and tedious symptoms that a woman goes though during pregnancy is oftentimes lost and what remains are the distinctive, vibrant events that are etched in stone, in a mother’s mind.

So here we are, 5 years later, and I am once again happily and exhaustingly pregnant. And man, has it all come flooding back. The nights maniacally tossing to try and get comfortable in my newly formed, puffy, figure, the odd salted peanut butter on canned olive (I mean….) cravings, the mood swings that make “that time of the month” seem like Disneyland and how can I “forget” the dreaded and sometimes embarrassing Mommy Brain. My Mommy brain this time around has been so bad that last years round of it, where I put my phone in the fridge, invited 30 people to the wrong address and called my hubby by my ex’s name (that went over well), was a walk in the park! So this year I decided to get a little help from some technology. Yes, you heard it right! If half my issue was losing everything I needed then I was not going to rely on my primitive mind, I was going to find something far more superior.

That’s when my friend mentioned the awesome and innovative brand Tile. They feel like they were made for the new mom!!!

I was so excited to try them and can honestly say, it has made my whole life a lost easier and time efficient.

So here is how it works. They have a family of products and an intuitive app that works together to find your things near or far. Genius! You download the free app and follow the instructions. Attach the tiles to any item that you just cannot lose..( ummm my whole life!). Then use the Tile app to ring the device that is attached to your item. If it is not close to you then you can see your item’s location on a map. Why didn’t I know about this 5 years ago!!!?

Two new products that I am obsessed with are the new Pro and Mate.

The Pro and Mate both have a one year replaceable battery, The Pro allows you to hear up to 300ft away and the Mate 150ft away. The Mate is the lightest of all the products!

They have a one year warranty and a 30 day guarantee. They retail for $35 for one to $100 for four!

See below and check out the images of the items I cannot lose that I tile.

And leave your funniest mommy brain stories below!!!

Happy Tiling!!!

Get your tiles here.

**If you want to learn more about Tile, check them out on Instagram ! They’re always posting fun tips on how it works and different ways to use it.