I never thought about the volume of my hair or the health of it quite frankly. I spent my life trying to smooth my unruly mane and would have preferred to have a little less hair growing up. But then my beautiful daughter was born and my hair would fall out near the front and the texture and thickness completely changed. So instead of going straight to the extension route I tried to get to the root (no pun intended) of the problem. The lack of vitamins that contributed to the health of my hair was lacking. I looked for a year and couldn’t find a gelatin, gluten free, no crap brand that delivered good results. Then I came across Sugar Bear. Not only are they super cute and bright hahaha they were loaded with biotin, B12, coconut oil, folic acid and so much more. I think they are worth it and I’d love to see and hear your hair struggles and your results.

lots of love xoxo