I JUST WANT TO BE ALONE!! Is that too much to ask for?! Ha! No, but really…This year has been really unique. Usually we would recommend family time but I think the first thing I’m going to recommend is some alone time. Since you know, we’ve all been home together 24/7 with our families for what? 8 weeks now? Breakfast in bed, alone. Extra sleeping in, alone. Shower, alone. I mean, that’s my wish. Anyone with me?

All joking aside, once you’ve given the mama in your life some alone time that I’m sure she’s been longing for here are some other ideas for the day. Another day of social distancing bliss.


Get a dinner tray, and serve her breakfast in bed “Hotel Style”, just like room service. First step, let her sleep in! While she’s catching some extra zzz’s cook breakfast and serve her with a tray full of her favorite foods. While she’s eating, make sure you start cleaning up the mess you made! Because no mom should be cleaning on Mother’s day. It’s a rule, I just made it up now, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a thing. Okay? Next…

Create an at home movie theatre either in your house or outside and have a concession stand of all her favorite drinks and snacks. Kids can make signs and menus. Create a super cozy atmosphere with string lights, pillows and blankets and play one of her favorite movies.


Set up a fancy picnic right in your backyard. Have a little picnic basket full of treats, set out a blanket, maybe some flowers, some wine, and just relax and pretend you’re somewhere far, far away.

Allow mom to have time to call her family (her mom) and friends and have some time to reconnect with people outside of the household. Bring her drinks and a beautiful homemade charcuterie plate so she can snack, cheers and chat and hopefully have a good laugh or two while she’s at it.


Put on some relaxing spa music. Soak her feet and hands, massage them and paint her nails (preferably with clear polish). You can even us an electronic foot file and get some of that dead skin off for her. I’m sure she is missing the spa right about now but you can do your best to recreate that experience for her. For an extra fancy touch, have some cucumbers ready for her eyes, maybe a face mask and a glass of champagne while she relaxes and gets pampered.

Have everyone dress up, as if you’re heading to a nice restaurant and serve her a delicious meal with her favorite drink and make sure she doesn’t lift a finger or clean a thing. Just as if she was out for dinner at a restaurant being treated!

The best gift this year is allowing the mom in your life to have the majority of the day off. Because let’s face it, it’s been bananas this year. The past 8 weeks have been really hard and we all need a little relaxation right about now.

Written by Chantal Dube. Follow her on Instagram!