Goodbye 2016. The general consensus was that 2016 was a pretty crappy year filled with losses, disappointments, and bends in the road that no one was expecting. For our family, 2016 was quite a monumental year. We worked extremely hard in our business endeavors and were able to extensively see the world. We felt very grateful that all the tireless hours, working past midnight, was starting to pay off. 2017, for me especially, feels like I want to achieve a different set of goals. I neglected my spiritual and physical well being last year and I’ve made a decided effort to improve the health of our family. My husband and I have made it a priority to get back into yoga and mediation and work on our fitness, which I think in turn, directly affects every part of our lives.

I am adamant to not make “resolutions” that I will feel guilty about when they are not kept. I think we put so much pressure on ourselves as women, and mothers, to be perfect especially when it comes to our bodies. So 2017 is about improvements. To better ourselves every day and put one foot forward in the right direction. Health, happiness, compassion, empathy, self love, is what we all need for 2017. Let’s strive together as a community to make the world a better place today than it was yesterday.

Tammin, Phoenix and Sean are wearing Marks and Spencer activewear.
Tammin: Pants, Jacket, and Top
Sean: Pants, T-shirt, and Jacket
Phoenix: Pants and Top


Yoga is a big priority for 2017. Marks and Spencer’s activewear provide me with lots of options for my workout gear.



Get your kid involved in being active. We always like to plan outdoor activities to get our toddler moving. Marks and Spencer has amazing clothes, that kids can dirty, for under $35 for the entire outfit!

I find that my relationship gets stronger when we maintain a healthy lifestyle.


We wish you and your family a happy, healthy and motivated 2017!

*In collaboration with Marks and Spencer and Shopping Links.