I am a dessert addict. I can’t get enough. From the classic ice cream sandwich to the chocolate fondue to dessert crepes, desserts are my everything. I dream about eating cake at work. I fantasize about chocolate fountains in the shower. I crave the sweet aroma of a cinnamon crumb cake baking in my oven. This is real. This is me. This is my life. Because I love all sweet things I figured it was time to share my favorite dessert places in the Los Angeles area. Hopefully you all get the chance to experience these little pieces of Heaven on earth at some point in the near future.



I had to start with Diddy Riese. The ice cream sandwich may just be my favorite dessert of all time. It is a classic. Cookies. Ice Cream. Milk. Heaven. And no ice cream sandwich is better than Diddy Riese. A staple of LA, Diddy Riese offers you the most amazing selection of ice cream sandwiches you could ever imagine. With freshly baked cookie options that range from chocolate chip to snickerdoodle to peanut butter you have a wide selection to choose from to pair with your favorite kind of ice cream. The best part? THEIR ICE CREAM SANDWICHES ARE ONLY TWO DOLLARS! Can you not?! Just remember – Diddy Riese is cash only and the line will be long but it is 150% worth the wait. Try it out.

926 BROXTON AVENUE – WESTWOOD, CA – 310.208.0448



Can we please have a discussion about the art work that is the Harajuku Crepe? The beauty of Harajuku Crepes are that they are all organic. Their dessert crepes are made with fresh fruit, homemade whip cream and – the best part – ice cream! They are placed into compostable containers and just do an amazing job at making your tummy happy along with making you feel like you are doing your job to make our environment a better place. It’s a win win situation. They pride themselves on their high quality products and their friendly customer service. You will not be disappointed. Please go and visit them as soon as possible.

9405 S. SANTA MONICA BLVD – BEVERLY HILLS, CA – 310.285.3946



I think it’s obvious that I had to include some kind of cake/cupcake dessert in this article. The Confection cupcakes are to die for. They are moist, they are dense, they are flavorful, they are everything you could ever hope for in a fluffy piece of cake and more. I can guarantee you that if you bring these in to the office you will be everyone’s favorite person.

1200 N. HIGHLAND AVE – LOS ANGELES, CA – 323.467.1080



The home of the Macaron Ice Cream sandwiches. I mean, just look at them! Need I say more?! I honestly haven’t gotten anything else from here so it’s all I can really talk about but I’m pretty sure that’s all anyone ever needs to talk about. Get yourself to one of their locations and order literally any one of their sandwiches. You will be so happy about your entire day. Please do it. Right now.

7290 BEVERLY BLVD – LOS ANGELES, CA – 323.939.6455 & 1639 SILVER LAKE BLVD – LOS ANGELES, CA – 323.913.9911



Similar name to Milk but a lot different. I love Milk Jar because it is so simple. You walk in, you are surrounded by the scent of freshly baked cookies, and you are instantly in a good mood. Their cookies are homemade daily and baked in small batches from morning until night so you are guaranteed something fresh out of the oven anytime you walk through the doors. My personal favorite is their Rocky Road cookie but others to definitely have on your “must try” list should include the banana split, cinnamon sugar, and the seasonal peach cobbler. Yum.

5466 WILSHIRE BLVD – LOS ANGELES, CA – 323.634.9800

I hope you enjoyed this list of delicious goodies to try! Be sure to comment on the post with YOUR favorite dessert places so I can check them out!