Hey Guys, Tammin here. It’s been a while since we all connected. This blog has been a part of my heart and soul since its inception, 4 years ago. Since having my second daughter, filming, podcasting and just the general chaos of life, this blog has taken a backseat. I’m now coming up for air and starting to see the light. So I’m ready to get back at it with you all and recreate the community we once had.

Firstly, I want to check in. As I write this, we are in a national emergency. The coronavirus pandemic has hit the world hard and many people are fighting for their lives. The pain of what is going on is actually so overwhelming that I find it hard to continually watch the news. My heart is broken and I need to keep it together for my children, so I find myself reading it sparingly.

I have learned so much during this quarantine and social distancing experience. Brené Brown writes in her book – Dare to Lead – how we are hardwired for connection. That our neurobiology is designed to be around people. No matter if you consider yourself an introvert or not, we do better as a species, around community. This really hit home these last ten weeks. I have realized how necessary it is for human interaction. I wouldn’t have been able to get through this quarantine without my daughters and husband and the ability to actually touch someone else. I can’t even imagine what it’s like for anyone who is away from loved ones. I think about those people constantly.

I also realized that I’ve stopped taking my time in life. Time to be. WIthout all the noise and pressure and pulse of living. I sat yesterday and just played with my one year old daughter’s hair for 45 min. It brought me to tears. I’ve never taken the time to do that. I cooked heartwarming recipes in the kitchen, many nights this week, where we all connected and laughed. I can’t remember the last time we had that experience?  I run the hills near my house every morning and I look at the empty streets and it brings me back to how it normally would be. Traffic jams, speeding, a thick haze of pollution, people yelling. What are we all rushing to? Why are we always running? The world has given us so much color and vibration and instant gratification that it can be like a kid in a candy store. Are we missing so much because we can’t bear to stand still? To look inward? Do we fear what we might see? This time has made many of us, including myself, reflect internally on who we are, what we like and what we don’t. We can’t run or avoid or distract during this time. In my life, I can see that I’ve looked in the wrong places to feel nourished and it’s not working. Without substance and time to be still, we become mentally sick. I’m grateful for what this found time has taught me.

I’ve discovered that technology can be a barrier and also a great connector. The Spanish plague hit hard 100 years ago. Imagine the fear of not knowing what was happening to your loved ones, not being able to see them and how disconnected everything must have felt. This time, technology has connected us in ways that I don’t think we ever though could be possible. The rush to move everything online has given people the ability to somewhat continue their lives and even educate their children. My daughters school didn’t even miss a beat. Within two days, she was continuing her education and connecting visually with her teachers. Just when I was starting to feel that technology was dividing us, it has remarkably brought us closer than ever.

At our core we are all the same. We all want the same things. We are all human. That’s what we have in common. This is a massive chance for us to think of our brothers and sisters. Our neighbours. The reason we are staying home is for each other. I hope we realise that the only way for success is if we work together. We are so much more alike than different.

This experience has brought the world to its knees. It has also made space for self reflection and has forced us to work together. I hope when we come out of this that there will have been a monumental shift. An awakening of sorts. We need each other now, more than ever.

Stay safe my friends, until next time.

T xoxo