Whether or not you believe in God, the universe, Messiah, Allah, Krishna, or some type of higher power, I strongly believe there is something else beyond us that is orchestrating certain things in our lives. Based on my experiences this past year, I’ve become more self-aware and reflective on things have happened in my life, and I’m able to piece the puzzle together as to why a sequence of events took place. It may seem like I’m writing about something that’s unrelated to health and wellness, but health is not just about what you’re eating. Health is also about what you’re thinking and saying. Our mental and emotional state can manifest itself physically in a positive or unfavorable way,  so it’s important to have a healthy state in mind and spirit. For instance, people who suffer from depression experience physical changes in their body, from fatigue to chronic illnesses.

I firmly believe that once we elevate our level of self-awareness and we pay attention to things that are helping us, we’ll be much happier and healthier. There’s one experience in particular that I’d like to share, where my current emotional and mental state was shifted. It happened on October 13th, which is a date that had no significance to me until that day. I had started my morning feeling very grateful that I was able to see my Herbalist, Daniela Turley, for my monthly appointment because she has truly helped elevate my health to the next level. I had also decided to work from home that day, but at one point in the afternoon, I had suddenly felt this wave of sadness come over me. For some reason, I really started to miss my dad, who passed away when I was 16 years old. That was a very formidable time for me where I felt like I did have a bout with depression and post traumatic stress. I remember being lethargic, getting sick more often, feeling massively confused about life, and why I had to experience this loss that turned my world upside down. Since then, I have done a lot of internal work, healing, and have come to terms with his passing. My emotional and mental state is in a far much better place than it was 14 years ago, however, I wished so badly he could be there in physical form to share the new and exciting changes that are happening in my life. When my dad was alive, he was my biggest cheerleader and supporter, and I could talk to him about almost anything. But the past few years, I’ve never experienced this deep level of sadness that came unexpectedly that day, and I was very confused by why I had this overwhelming feeling.

After going about my workday, I realized early that evening I needed to restock my chlorella for my Natural Nadine matcha, so I decided to walk to my holistic beauty and wellness store, CAP Beauty. I took an unusual route that trip by walking on 20th street towards the West Village, and while I was going past Gramercy Tavern, I noticed a familiar face on the sidewalk ahead of me. This was a face I immediately recognized because I follow him on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. It was Gary Vaynerchuk! If you’re not familiar with Gary, he is a serial entrepreneur, investor, father, husband, author, and someone that I find very inspiring. It was truly a dream come true to meet Gary, and my reaction was one of a fangirl moment. As cliche as this sounds, I believe that there is no such thing as coincidences and that everything happens for a reason, so I knew that meeting Gary was not by accident. In the BOTH episode I’m featured in, we talk about how one of his video’s on positivity recently made an impact on me. After meeting him and having a great conversation, I was elated, and it completely changed my mental and emotional state. Shortly after that moment, I didn’t realize why I feel like I met Gary, until I watched the entire BOTH episode. I found myself getting choked up when Gary said “in a world where I know so many of you aren’t as fortunate as I was to have people around that believed in you like my mom and friends, I want to be that for you. I want to be that fucking cheerleader, I believe that you can” that really struck a chord with me. I came to the realization that the universe was looking out for me that day because when I was really missing my dad, who was my biggest cheerleader, I believe I was brought to meet Gary, because he inspires me to give my best effort. The fact that I was featured in that episode where he’s reiterating his genuine support for his viewers, which was also the same day I wished so badly to have my dad with me again, it became very clear that I was being looked after and I was brought what I needed at the right time. I immediately messaged Gary to express my gratitude for him wanting to be ‘that person’ through his videos and content for people, including myself, without trying to reap any financial reward.

Even though it’s been a long time since my dad has been in my life, it’s moments like this that helped me realize that I don’t need to be sad anymore about not having him around, because I paid attention to the signs and discovered that everything is working out for my highest good. It’s important to always try to approach life as the glass is half full, even when we experience sadness or challenging times in our lives. When that happens, feel it, acknowledge it, and then let it go because everything is temporary. I hope this post serves you by encouraging you to change your perspective on how you look at life because things are happening for younot to you. So focus on what you want and what brings you happiness, because if your mind is healthy, your body will be healthy. Our thoughts are very powerful and can affect our physical state if we’re not mindful of what’s happening with us mentally and emotionally.