I don’t know about you, but being quarantined hasn’t exactly brought out the romantic in me. I live in sweats, I can’t remember when I put on lipstick and dinner is whatever we can figure out at the end of the day, with two small children. That being said, we desperately need a date, heck, we deserve a date, or two. So how can we get the romantic vibes back, in the time of COVID-19?  I follow an instagram page called @Figandwhiskey and she seems to have some amazing ideas. So Sarah wrote a post below to give you and all of us at Bottle And Heels some inspiration!

Tammin xo

Even though we may be spending more time with our partners, it is still important to create space for date night during our time at home. Just because we aren’t really “going out” on dates doesn’t mean we can’t still have date nights. Here are a few ways to create a romantic evening together and make this time with your partner feel special.

1. Order from your favorite restaurant.

Being at home doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy your favorite restaurants. There are a bunch of restaurants offering tasting menus with wine pairings for a special night home. Light some candles, sit outside, and enjoy a meal you didn’t have to cook yourself. If you don’t have space to be outside, just lay a blanket out on the living room floor and enjoy dinner over candle light. For LA locals, this is a great list of take-out options.

2. Have a movie night.

While I’m sure we’re all enjoying movies a lot more often recently, pick a night to make it an event. Make some popcorn and order your favorite movie treats or try making them yourself. Dress up in your favorite pjs and snuggle up on the couch. If you’re feeling especially crafty, make a little marquee with a letter board or draw up some pretend tickets!

3. Enjoy a spa night together.

Show some of your local spas some love by purchasing some of their at home products or stock up on some of your drug store favorites and pamper yourselves. Give each other 5 minute hand massages to moisturize those constantly washed hands, do face masks, and enjoy a bubble bath, with a little champagne. A perfect way to end the day together.

4. Car Picnic

Pack up a picnic or get your favorite take out and go for a drive to sit somewhere beautiful. Put some beautiful blankets and pillows in the trunk of the car and go out for a change of scenery. Put the back seats down and turn on your favorite music to set the mood for an al fresco experience.

5. Cook together.

Brainstorm a menu you would like to try for your date night and cook together. If you don’t want to think about the menu but want to do the cooking, there are restaurants that are putting together meal kits you can take home and cook yourself. If you want to surprise your partner, plate all the uncooked ingredients in a pretty way, write up the menu, and tell them that the chef has created an interactive experience for you to enjoy at your super exclusive restaurant!

6. Do a tasting.

Various wineries have been offering at-home wine tastings. You can pick out the wine you would like to try, and they will pack it up and send it off for you. This is one of my favorite wineries; it produces fabulous wine and donates to great causes.

7. Plan a theme night.

To mix is up, plan a themed date based on a place you love, a trip you have taken together, or a dream getaway. Write each other “posts cards” during the day and then meet for dinner to exchange your messages. Come up with a custom playlist to really set the mood. Get creative with your theme and go all out! Make your outfit, meal, music, decor, match with the theme you chose – but don’t stress about it – it’s just for fun!

8. Backyard camping.

Grab a tent, armfuls of blankets, some marshmallows, and flashlights to mix up your weekend with something extra special. Sleeping outside is always an adventure and doing it in your backyard means you definitely won’t forget anything. Dress up your camp site with some foliage clipped from the yard, some board games and a tray of s’mores. If you don’t have a backyard, set up a camp ground in the living room with blankets and pillows for a DIY tent.

9. Game night.

If you love games, make a night out of it. Pick your favorite games to play together and get a little competitive. Set up a little tournament and award friendly prizes to the game night winner like a massage or breakfast in bed.

10. Quarantine cocktail hour.

One of my favorite activities during shelter at home has been our Quarantine Cocktail hour. We get really dressed up, prepare different appetizers or a graze board, turn on music and have a little at-home party. It’s been great to have a weekly “cocktail party” to look forward to and every week we try to make it a little different with new themes and recipes.

The most important thing is to make the night feel special. Get dressed up, do your hair and makeup, put on a little perfume. Go through the process of getting ready, which in and of itself will make you feel good and excited about spending some quality time with your partner. If you’re looking for inspiration, we story our cocktail parties every week @Figandwhiskey. I’d love to see how you throw your own Quarantine Cocktail Hour, share #quarantinecocktailhour with Bottle and Heels and Fig and Whiskey to be featured!

Featured image by Caroline Morin