“We’re not interested in rules or convention. We’re interested in love, creating with authenticity. And the joyful expression of living life to shine just as we are.” Those are the words spoken by Donda Mullis, one of the founders of Raw Sugar Living. A brand that, since it’s inception, has been more about giving back, doing good, and creating safe products for you and your family. In a world where companies care less about their customer and more about the dollars, Raw sugar Living is a pioneer in it’s field.

The heart of the brand Raw Sugar Living is kindness. Their Raw Giving program focuses on improving the lives of people from around the globe.

Did you know that hygiene is a huge global issue that many people aren’t aware of?  Almost 32% of people around the world suffer from unclean living conditions which can lead to terrible illness and disease.For every Raw Sugar Living product you purchase, one bar of soap is donated to a family in need.

It is this mission and the heart of what they are about that sets them apart.

So this Christmas when holiday spending is set to reach over 1 trillion dollars, yup, that’s what we are estimated to spend this year, let’s make sure we are teaching our children that with our dollar and our spending power, we can either change the world for the better. Let’s talk about the mission statements of the companies from where we purchase and help our children learn that we don’t only have to take. We can also give back.

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