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All my mamas know that the postpartum hair struggle is REAL. Due to hormones throughout your pregnancy your hair is full, shiny, luscious, and grows what feels like inches overnight.  And then…the baby comes. Those hormones change and as every mom knows, your hair falls out in clumps and leaves these very “interesting” patches and short hair growth around your hairline.  As if we don’t as new moms have enough to deal with… and why doesn’t anyone tell you about it?!

As my kids started to grow, I knew I was starting to feel like me again and was ready to get back out there. I was #ReadyForMore. But my hair wasn’t.

Before I had kids, as an actress, I had spent my life changing my hair. I started with natural long locks as a teenager on the TV show, Home and Away, then came the self-conscious early twenties where my hair transformed to blonde with bangs and then back to brown with extensions. The yoyo hair dyeing, damaging and extreme hair changing went on for 20 years.

For the longest time I struggled to find products to help my damaged, post pregnancy/ “actress” hair so when Pantene reached out to try their new Miracle Rescue Collection I jumped at the opportunity, hoping that these products could help me get back to the hair I knew was authentically me.

As a mom with two little girls it’s a battle to find time to take care of myself. I have to be honest; I don’t do it enough. This is what I’m #readyformore of this year.

  1. Time to meditate. I try to give myself the space to step away from the madness, away from the noise, and reconnect with my breath. Meditation has been helpful in dealing with my anxiety and is continuously reminding me to stay present in each moment.
  2. Moving my body. Physical exercise is vital for my mental and physical wellbeing. It reduces my stress by 70%. It’s important to show my girls that if we take care of our bodies, we can feel healthy and strong. Physical movement helps me clear my head, it grounds me, and it helps give me the energy I need to keep up with a 7 and 2-year-old.
  3. Set aside time to date my husband. Making sure I set aside for my marriage is essential to myself care routine. I’ve said it many times but making sure I keep dating my husband is one of the reason’s our relationship is successful. 15 years baby!  Getting time away from the kids to refocus on the two of us is key.
  4. Take care of my hygiene. We all know how the phrase goes – look good, feel good – but taking care of your hygiene is more than that. Keeping up with your hygiene routine can help prevent illness and infection from bacteria or viruses, washes away dead skin cells and oils, and so much more!

For the longest time I felt like I had most of my self-care routine taken care of except for one – my hair products. I couldn’t figure out a good hair care treatment for the years of damage on my hair. I am #ReadyForMore shine, more silkiness, and more volume, and I am eady for less frizz, heat damage, and split ends. Now, things for my hair are looking up!!

Let me tell you a little bit more about Pantene’s products and show you the results that I have found!

The first product I made sure to try out was their Miracle Rescue Deep Conditioning Treatment This treatment has a blend of deeply absorbing Pro-V nutrients including pro-vitamin B5, strengthening lipids, and protective antioxidants for a powerful dose of moisture yet lightweight enough for use with every wash. All you do is apply it to your wet hair after you’ve shampooed it. Start at the tips of your hair and work it through towards the root. Leave it on for 1-3 minutes and rinse. This was perfect for me as my traditional conditioner just wasn’t as strong as I wanted it to be. I noticed a change after the first couple uses.

After I tried the conditioning treatment out a few times I decided to add in their Miracle Rescue Moisture Mix-In. This is perfect for the days when your hair needs extra moisture (like mine did while we were in the Texas humidity. That was…bad). You simply add 1-5 pumps (I did 3 or 4) into your daily conditioner, mix it together and then massage from mid-length to the ends of your hair. This worked wonders and now I’ll never step foot in a humid area without this is my suitcase.

They also include an Intense Rescue Shot product in the line. This is their most concentrated Pantene Pro-V formula and it contains a combination of Pro-V nutrients including pro-vitamins B5, replenishing lipids, moisturizing glycerin, and an amino acid duo, making it perfect for hair that’s gone through extreme damage from coloring and/or heat-styling (…me…). I used this once and saw immediate results. My hair instantly felt softer, looked shinier, and felt stronger.

The last product is the most versatile and the one I use most because I also use it on my girls! It’s their Multitasking 10 in 1 Spray. You read that right – TEN in one!! This is a leave in product that’s designed to repair damage, moisturize, detangle, strengthen against breakage, protect color, protect from heat, tame frizz, soften, smooth, and improve shine. Thanks to this spray me and my girls have noticeably less frizzy hair (amazing!) and it’s visibly shinier and softer.

I can’t recommend these products enough. They have been a game changer for me in getting my hair back to health after a long journey of trying out different products that just didn’t do the trick. You can find the collection online and in-store at Walmart.


Not only have their products been a real game changer for me but their company values are ones that I am proud to stand behind. They are committed to telling stories of transformation and overcoming obstacles to help eliminate bias, celebrate personal expression and show a more inclusive world. This year they supported the LGBTQ+ community on GLAAD’s Spirit Day by donating 30% of all Amazon sales to the organization.

On top of helping to create a safe space for everyone to be their authentic self they are also fighting to help clean up the environment.  They’re committed to making all of their packaging 100% recyclable, they are working to reduce their use of virgin petroleum plastic by at least 50%, they’re striving for circular solutions to reduce their supply chain footprint by using 100% renewable electricity, and they are continuously researching and seeking better alternatives to ensure a livable planet for the next generations.

I’m proud to be a supporter of Pantene.

What are you #ReadyForMore of this year??



Tammin xo