This Fashion Friday we are bringing you the simple styles of Primary clothing. A company that prides themselves on clothing that goes back to basics with fun clothes in, you guessed it, primary colors. Their pieces are bright, durable and SO comfortable. Primary gives parents a place to find basics at a reasonable price. Everything at Primary is under $25 and their clothes have no logos, no slogans, and no sequins. That’s a huge plus, plus, plus in our book! We went back to the Jujuzozo Studio to shoot our primary colors in a Winter Wonderland!

Primary was founded by two moms who had been shopping for kid’s clothes for nearly 12 years and could not find a place to go for basics. The two put their heads together and started Primary. Thank god they did because now you no longer have to stress about finding your children good quality basics. When it came time to find a company to do a Christmas theme we knew right away that Primary would be perfect. The bright, solid colors were the perfect fit for our Winter Wonderland!

From their website:

“In our mothers’ day, if you couldn’t find what you were looking for, you made it yourself. So, that’s what we did. But instead of a sewing machine, we used our experience from and our passion for simplicity to create the go-to we’d been looking for—a brand that we (and other parents) could love…and we put it all together in a shopping experience that’s beautifully uncomplicated, because it should be. Our goal isn’t to get our kids ready for the runway, it’s to get them out the door.”

Welcome to our Winter Wonderland.

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