The Seychelles. A group of 115 islands, only a few inhabited, in the Indian Ocean that lie off the coast of East Africa, northeast of Madagascar. They are comprised of beaches, coral reefs and nature reserves, as well as rare animals such as giant Aldabra tortoises (pictured with Phoenix below). The main island which connects you to the smaller islands is Mahé.

I’ve always wanted to visit the Seychelles. The distance alone and remoteness of the location gave me a sense of adventure, mischief and mystery.(I heard a silly folk tale that Jim Morrison is alive somewhere and is selling boat owners insurance on one of the islands. I kept my eye out for him ;p) I didn’t know what to expect. Was I traveling for 22 hours to stumble on a place that had the same island feel as anywhere else I had been? Was I setting myself up for disappointment that comes with the colossal build up of the amazingness of a place?

We got off the boat after a flight with Emirites from Dubai. We had finally made it. We were new to this side of the world so had enlisted the help from an incredible travel company Giltedge ocean islands. They are part of an award-winning, luxury inbound tour operator with an in-depth knowledge of Southern Africa, East Africa and the magnificent Indian Ocean islands.

The second our weary toes entered the pearl tinted microfiber sand, all our stress was absolved. The Seychelles are a little slice of magic. Being so far away from everything we knew, felt like we were closer to heaven.

Seychelles feels like heaven. Dress by Show me your MuMu . Sand by Constance Lemuria Resort

We were then escorted to our villa. We decided to stay in two properties for the duration of our 7 day stay. We had traveled so far and wanted to experience as much as we could.

Our first hotel was the Constance Lemuria Resort. A stunning property on the island of Praslin.

The resort embraces a modern approach to design, skillfully blending luxury and comfort in harmony with the carefully preserved natural beauty of the environment. Family is very important at Constance Lumuria and they have a full service kids club that includes exploration trips, culinary activities and scavenger hunts.


The main beach of Constance Lemuria Resort

We blissfully glided to our villa that was situated at the end of the property. What transpired next, we were not expecting. Our own private butler opened our door and I felt like all my Christmases had come at once.

I had never set foot on a room/villa like this. The villa was comprised of three separate spaces and was encircled by a pool with private access to the beach.

Our room at the Constance Lemuria Resort

We honestly did not want to leave and spent most of our time here. Our stomaches being ignored was the only way we were lured out of our room.

The Constance works on a half board basis which means your breakfast and evening meal are included in the price of your stay. This was a wonderful way to experience all their culinary delights without having to worry about how much we were spending.

I highly recommend if you stay at this property to take a day trip with one of their very knowledgeable guides. We spent the day visiting the north of the island (which only takes 40 min) and were able to see the very famous turtles up close and personal.

Incredible day with these creatures.

We spent the rest of the day learning about the coco de mer, a rare species of palm tree native to the Seychelles archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The exceptional size and suggestive form of the nut, the circumstances of its discovery, and some unusual qualities of the trees have given rise to several legends.

We also spent part of our day swimming on one of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the world, Anse Lazio.

Anse Lazio is know to be one of the best beaches in the world!

Our stay with Constance Lemuria Resort was a trip of a lifetime. Check out some more images below of our stay and comment below if you have been or want to go to the Seychelles!

I will be posting the second part of our trip soon. Keep an eye out!!

The breathtaking beach at the Constance Lemuria Resort


A little slice of heaven. I didn’t want to leave!


Island baby.

  We watched these incredible guys climb trees and cut down coconuts for us!

Trip of a lifetime

Thank you Giltedge Ocean Islands and Constance Lemuria Resort. Until next time!


Tam xoxo