We are excited to bring to you our first DIY craft video for you to try at home with your kids. Today we are showing you how to make all natural, organic soap with a childlike twist! Teaching our kids proper hygiene is a must but can prove to be very difficult at times. In our current situation, it is vital for our kids to be getting rid of germs and also not spreading them.  I found a way to get her excited about washing her hands and I’m sharing it with you!



-2lbs clear glycerin melt

-6 small plastic toys (we used mini Zootopia toys, since that’s my daughters biggest obsession)

-organic food coloring

-essential oils for scent (this is optional)

-soap molds

-spray bottle filled with rubbing alcohol


1. Place one toy in each of your six soap molds.  *Tip: the bottom of the mold turns out to be the top of your soap, so you may want to turn your toys upside down.*
2. With a knife, cut your soap base into eight pieces (approximately 4oz each).
3. Melt each section of glycerin in the microwave. Microwave for 40 seconds and then stir every additional 10 seconds until fully melted.  (Ours melted in about 50-70 seconds.)
4. If you want to add color to your soap, add dye and stir to combine.
5. If you want to add scent to your soap, add essential oil and stir. *Be careful not to add too much. Start out by dropping a little and slowly add until you’ve reached your desired scent strong-ness.*
6. Pour liquid into soap into your molds and spray once or twice with rubbing alcohol to remove bubbles on top.
7. Let your soaps harden.
8. Loosen around the edges of the soap molds and remove your bars of soap.