Now, I have to admit, I’m not really a fan of googly eyes and store bought craft supplies…BUT kids love googly eyes and sometimes a few basic store bought craft supplies can go a long way when combined with recyclables and things you have at home.

This mobile is really adaptable and as you will see from the examples you can pretty much make it from anything. It’s super easy, and apart from cutting the shapes and using the glue gun my 3.5 year old was able to do pretty much everything by himself.

What you need:


-Pegs: These can be wooden or plastic. I have used a mix of old school wooden pegs that you can find at craft stores as well as a few plastic ones I nabbed from the washing line. You can choose to paint these before you start or leave them plain.


-Googly eyes (you could also use beads or paper cut outs)

-Half a dozen or so pipe cleaners

-Scrap material / Felt sheets and/or thick card

-Paint (optional)

-Hot glue (PVA will work took but takes much longer to dry)

To Make:

Felt Butterfly:

-Fold a square of felt in half and draw a wing shape as shown in the picture. This doesn’t need to be exact and it’s nice if all the butterflies are a bit different. Cut out the shape and wedge inside the peg. If it falls out run a line of hot glue on the back or add a few dabs of PVA. For our example we decorated the wings with contrasting felts scraps and a googly eye. We used hot glue but PVA works fine too. To finish twist on a pipe cleaner for antennae and you are done!

Card Butterfly:

-Sketch a wing shape onto thick card and cut out with scissors. An old corrugated box is the idea for this. Next, paint in a color of your choice. When dry wedge into a peg. To finish, glue on an eye and twist on an antennae.

Pipe Cleaner Butterfly:

OK, so my son invented this one. It’s easy-peasy and really good for little hands. Just cut some pipe cleaners in half and wedge into the peg. Done!

pipe cleaner example

Fabric Butterfly:

These are my favorite and can be made from store bought fabric or just about any old piece of clothing you can no longer wear. Simply cut either a circle or fold into a rectangle and then wedge into the peg. You may need a few layers if using wooden pegs. You can leave as is or decorate with paint. Lastly, glue on an eye and twist on some antennae.

To finish:

Tie some string to each of your butterflies at varying lengths. Space them evenly along the bottom of the coat hanger and tie on using a basic knot. Trim the ends.

tying on

You are done!! These looks great hanging on the wall or you could also try hooking it to the ceiling.

finished mobile