A Letter To The President Elect, From A Father
By Sean McEwen

Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,

Congratulations.The voice of the people has been heard and you have been elected as the forty fifth president of the United States of America. You fought a long, hard – and often times deleterious – fight and came out victorious. The collective focus of pundits has already shifted from vivisecting the rhetoric and hyperbole of the campaign trail to what a Trump presidency will really look like. “The first hundred days”. Terms like policy, dismantle, reform, reclamation are being thrown around. And as we look toward a future – a future arguably still reeling from the jabs, punches and right hooks of an embittered campaign – I can’t help but think of my daughter. At barely three years old, she has no clue what an election is, what it means and how important it is to not only her future, but the future of this country.

And I want to ask you a few things. Requests, if you will. Look, I know you will be inundated by a mountain of them. Appeals for social, economic and geo-political change. To make right on your promises to “Make America Great Again”. America. What an immense subject. I think we’d all agree you have your work cut out for you. But if you will, may I ask you to look at the micro? Please, look at someone like my daughter. Think of your future leadership and how it will affect her. For she is a representation of all of our futures. And she will look up to you, as a leader, to inspire her to make this world a better place than it was given to her. See, you and I are much a like. There is a reason they are called the forefathers. A father’s role is as a caretaker, guider, disciplinarian, encourager, teacher, protector and so much more. I want her to see all of those traits in you. It may be asking a lot – but aren’t our children worth everything? I want her to feel safe. I want her to feel welcome. I want her to feel championed. I want her to feel represented. And I want her to feel equal. I am not here to pick apart your tact and objectives during the recent campaign. Much was said and done by all, arguably leaving the country emotionally depleted. Divides highlighted by projections of anger and demagoguery. But it’s time to heal. It’s time to grow. Please, show my daughter what respect is. Show her what kindness is. Show her tolerance and understanding. You have said you are a “counter-puncher, punch me and I’ll hit back and harder”. Show her what it’s like to turn the other cheek. Show her what it means to protect and defend those who cannot protect and defend themselves. Please, listen and adhere to the great philosophies of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. who didn’t view humanity as subdivide by neighborhoods or States or countries. But we are global citizens. We must not only understand the plights of others but we have a responsibility to care and act in not only our best interests but the best interests of our fellow human beings. I want her to know that all men (and women) were truly created equal. And that we all have the right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. That we, as a species, need to evolve. We need to come together, not separate. And I want you to be the beacon. I want you to represent these ideals. I want you to put aside personal biases and lists of enemies and self interests and funnel that energy in to change. Real change. Positive change. Not for me. Not for you. But for her. For all of the “hers” and the “hims”. For they are our true future. Be better, President-Elect Trump. Be right. Be good.

Please, I implore you, from this day on, do not lead by divisive exploit or the propagation of fear or – God forbid – hate. But lead by an empowering, positive and unifying example. Lead with love. From one father, to another. Please, do it for her.

Thank you, President-Elect Trump.

A Father

Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies.” – Mother Teresa