I recently took a trip to Ikea (without kids because I’m not insane) and in possibly a world first, managed to get in and out with exactly what I needed in less than 30 minutes! Fair enough I spent the next three hours assembling my purchase and had waaay to many screws left over, BUT as a massive bonus I was left with lots and lots of lovely cardboard packaging…CUE MAKEATHON!

The best bit about the packaging was that the cardboard came in so many thicknesses so it was just screaming out to be layered into a make believe sandwich! You don’t need to go to Ikea to make this project but it does help to collect various cardboard packages to build up a mini collection of varying thicknesses.


What you need



Assorted paintbrushes and sponges

Hot glue or staples or PVA

To make

The sandwich:

-Begin by asking mini maker what they would like in their pretend sandwich.

-Next, trace the basic shapes of your ingredients onto cardboard. Try to use a variety of thicknesses of card here to get a nice variation of texture.

-We chose square bread and cheese, wiggly lettuce, a big round hamburger patty, a smaller round tomato, some smaller again cucumbers, an egg, and because I live in Australia (and we love beetroot) some lovely sliced round beetroot.

-Cut out all the shapes and put aside.

IMG_6787The cups:

-Cut a length of card with a medium thickness 20cm long and 6cm wide. Cut another smaller length of the same card 10cm long and 1.5 cm wide.

-Roll the larger length into a circle with about 1.5cm overlap. Glue together with hot glue or staple with a stapler (probably not ideal with very little kids). You could try PVA but it would be difficult to get the circle to stay closed while it dries.

-Next, bend the smaller piece of card as shown in the picture and attach to the join of the large circle. Again, I recommend hot glue here.

-Repeat for the rest of your cups.

The plates:

-On a thin/medium thickness card draw a circle with a diameter of about 10cm. On a thicker card draw a square approx. 4cm x 4cm (really doesn’t need to be super exact). Glue the square to the middle of the circle. I used hot glue but PVA would work fine here.

The cakes:

-We were lucky to have some very thick card in our packaging, which we simply sliced into two halves. You could achieve the same effect by cutting some triangles out of a medium thickness card and layering together with hot glue or PVA.



To decorate:

-Simply choose the colors that you need for your chosen foods and get painting! We used a sponge for our meat patty to get the right affect, paintbrushes for our sandwich ingredients and a sponge and toothbrush to get that lovely splattery effect on our cakes but feel free to be creative here! If your makers are very mini you can charge them with painting the base colors and then you just add a few details over the top once the paint has dried.

-If you don’t want to get messy you could try printing out some food on the computer and glueing it to your card before cutting.

You are done! Now, put down a tablecloth or picnic rug and invite some teddies over for tea!