You’ve read at least a dozen times by now about how the make up and skincare products you use on a daily basis may have toxic chemicals that can be detrimental not only to your skin, but to your health, as well.  Yes, you have, even on this blog.  And even though you have, for one reason or another, you’re still not quite ready to take the step to going into an all or mostly natural skincare routine- you’re a creature of habit, you really love how the product makes your skin feel and look, all the natural and pure brands are way too expensive!

Well, I’m here to let you in on a few all-natural, 100% pure DIY skincare items you can make right in your own home and begin your journey on a natural skincare regimen.

Essential oils, as you’ve read and heard, can be used to support health- physical and emotional.  But did you know they can also be used as part of your daily skincare routine?  Did you know you can use them (and some existing natural brands already use them) to make face wash, face toners, serums, and the list goes on and on.  If this is news to you, be prepared to be blown away at how simple and easy they are to make, not to mention cost effective.  Everyone knows that in whatever product you purchase, the fewer the number of ingredients (and ingredients you actually know) the healthier the product is.  The recipes below require 5 ingredients or less, most of them being essential oils.

Face Serum:

-10 drops Frankincense
-5 drops Cedarwood
-5 drops Lavender
-5 drops Geranium
-Fill the rest with Argan oil

Night Lip Serum:

-7 drops Lavender
-7 drops Lemon
-7 drops Geranium
-Fill the rest with Jojoba oil

Under Eye Firming Serum:
-10 drops Geranium
-10 drops Frankincense
-2-3 drops Vitamin E
-Fill the rest with Sweet Almond oil

For a more detailed explanation of the benefits of each essential oil and carrier oils (argan, jojoba, sweet almond), visit @roseandroseessential for a swipe to learn post!  You can always message privately via Instagram or comment below with any other questions!