Avocado toasts are a staple in LA. I believe it’s the sun kissed soil, the seasoned farmers and the care that goes in to each avocado that produce the creamiest, richest, intensely flavored Avocados in the world! (and I’ve travelled to over 24 countries!) While Avocado toast can be a dime a dozen, there are a handful of cafes and restaurants that truly deliver the most delectable dishes. Here are my top 9……..


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Gracias Mandre is a vegan Mexican restaurant in the centre of the Melrose District. A locally, organically sourced restaurant which caters to the hip, upwardly mobile and environmentally conscience crowd. Brunch on Saturday and Sundays cause quite a stir. Beginning at 10 am and continuing into the afternoon hours, Gracias Madres is one of the most innovative and tasty brunches in Los Angeles. One of the main stars on the brunch menu is the coveted Avocado toasts. The grilled wheat toast (can be made Gluten free), cashew queso blanca, sprouts and chili make for a perfect marriage of spicy and rich with a hint of sweet. In a restaurant where the clientele want something seemingly decadent, yet speak to their health principals – Gracias Mandre’s Avocado toasts are one to beat.



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Located in the rehabilitated Fairfax District of Los Angeles, Jon and Vinny’s is a modern diner for all-day, Italian-inspired fare, It is the next child born from Jon Shook and Vinny Dotolo who are behind Animal, Son of a Gun, Trois Mec and Petit Trois. Their menu feels relaxed yet thoughtful with beloved Italian favorites too exciting dishes that pair local ingredients. Their Avocado toasts are simple yet mouth watering. Consisting of Haas avocado, Olive oil, lemon and crushed red chili, it is definitely something on the menu worth ordering and devouring.



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A “Bacon serving but vegan friendly, (restaurant) attuned to the rhythms of an L.A. day (breakfast until 4 p.m.), Sqirl is of the moment yet anchored by something deeper.” Located on the fringe of silverlake, Sqirl began as a preserves company in 2011 and added food items to their tiny restaurant a year later. You can still buy their preserves from their brick and mortar store as well as online. They also provide catering. They offer JJ’s Avocado toasts with, hot pickled carrots, green garlic creme fraiche, wood sorrel, house za’atar for a price tag of $8.50. Check this place out. Even if it’s not in your neighborhood, It’s worth the drive.



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The Corner Door is the perfect foodie gastropub. Serving innovative $10-14 snacks, great beers and cocktails and even elevated dishes like a lobster & shrimp bolognese or potato gnocchi with English peas. Perfect for date night or drinks with the boys. Their Avocado Toasts consist of burrata, radish, arugula, olive oil, sea salt. The creaminess of the burrata and avocado are complemented perfectly by the crisp peppery-mustardy taste of the arugula and grounded by the heaviness of the bread. Located on W Washington, The Corner Door is worth the visit.



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Dinette is the ultra-hip mini cafe from Gareth Kantner, owner of Sunset Junction’s Cafe Stella in Silver Lake. Serving their patrons through a walk up glass window, dinette focuses on a few things and does them well. Their menu is small but delightful, even hand written quaintly on a piece of paper. They serve mostly delectable pastries and strong espressos but expanded their menu only recently to waffles, egg scrambles and avocado toast. Dinette is a place I’m sure you’ll be coming to over and over again.



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The Misfit bar reprises a “back to the bar” ideal of casual destination dining serving signature cocktails and accessible comfort food. Located in Santa Monica, The Miftit is a hip favorite among locals and LA people wanting to spend the summer days (who am I kidding, every day) down by the water. Creative comfort food, health-conscious fare & handcrafted cocktails are what this place does best.  Their Avocado toast consists of ‘bub and grandma’s’ red sourdough bread, Tamai Farms artisan baby tomatoes and burrata for a creamy finish. My stomach is grumbling, is yours?


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In Highland Park you’ll find an impressive organic cafe serving an extensive food menu. With options for vegans, vegetarians and Paleo diets, this cafe will speak to all tastes. Their organic avocado toasts are one of the best things on the menu. Consisting of smashed avocado on fresh baked whole grain wheat bread (wheat free is an option). salsa verde and pesto for a reasonable $7. You can also add two poached eggs with Romesco that will spruce up your already delicious dish.



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When Moby is involved in something, you listen. Little Pine is Moby’s first restaurant located on the fringe of Silverlake. When asked why on earth he would want to get into the difficult business of being a restauranteur he replied  ” (I wanted to) take a bunch of the things I care about: organic food, community, veganism, architecture & design, and represent them in one space.” He named his restaurant after his love for the native Southern Californian pine tree and the “little” because he says “I’m not very big.” They serve Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, weekend brunch and for the non-sober they have a remarkable and extensive organic wine menu. Two thumbs up. Their avocado toasts are simple and delightful. Fresh, flavorful and organic. They consist of avocado, red chili flakes, lemon, olive oil and malden. Try this place out. You can start saving the planet just by having one meatless meal. Your stomach will be satisfied and your conscience will be clear.



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This diminutive store just added food items to it’s already thriving coffee shop this February. After an Echo park coffee explosion, Blacktop Coffee fits into the “go small” trend where the square footage may be inadequate but the food and drinks are most certainly not. The simple menu of  avocado toast, poached eggs and granola are worth the wait in line.


This is my list of the most moreish avocado toasts I have found in LA! Let me know any you recommend and my heart and stomach will be so happy to help!

Happy eating

Tammin xoxo