With Valentines Day tomorrow, we partnered with Tanja Maduzia from @by_tanja to bring you a Step-by-Step guide to making your own 3D Valentines Day card!

When it comes to crafting a hand made card, this is my easy, go-to design when I want to make it personal. Perfect for sweethearts, bff’s and kids’ birthdays, I just switch up the papers and balloon shapes accordingly. Also, you need  virtually no artistic skill (everyone can draw a heart and cloud!) and it requires minimal tools that you probably already have lying around the house!

Materials:  Multiple sheets of colorful card stock, double sided tape, scissors, pencil, hole punch and string (glue dots, bone folder, 3D glue dots and sticker letters helpful but optional)

1. Measure, cut and fold a piece of card stock paper to make the base of your card.

2. Draw and cut out hearts, clouds, banner triangles and a square for basket. So hearts are the same size, you can use your first heart as a template and trace around it so others are the same size for consistency.

3. Fold or score the heart in half then place a piece of double sided tape only down the middle crease then stack on top of each other. Fluff up the sides to create a three-dimensional balloon.

4. To attach heart air balloon and basket with string, punch or poke a small hole at bottom tip of heart and two top corners of the basket. Loop string though heart and from the bottom side of the basket then tie in a bow that sits on top front of basket.

5. Either write or use sticker letters as text and place on banner triangles then set evenly on top of string and tape together.

6. Take all pieces and use either double sided tape or glue to connect them to the interior card stock background and set in desired place to create your scene. For clouds, apply thin line of adhesive to bottom third of cloud. Fluff top of cloud out from background. Tape banner string ends under heart flaps and finish with adding any additional elements you want to personalize your card.

If you enjoyed this DIY, comment below and let us know what else you’d like to see!