How To Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs and Live Your Best Life
written by Caitlin Dobmeier of This Mama Is

What’s a limiting belief and where do they come from?
Limiting beliefs – let’s talk about them. Basically a limiting belief is anything that you hold to be true that is keeping you from living as your best, most authentic self. It’s the “mean girl” voice that goes off inside your head and tells you aren’t good enough.

Mama, no matter what that voice in your head says, you are always enough.

Let’s say you have a great idea for a blog or an Etsy shop, and then you hear a little voice inside your head telling you it’s already been done before, so why bother? LIMITING BELIEF. Or, maybe you find an amazing dress and you’re going to try it on, but you tell yourself you don’t have the body to pull it off. LIMITING BELIEF. Or, maybe you have this amazing vision for your life of living oceanside, but you think you’re never going to be able to make enough money to afford it. LIMITING BELIEF. Get the idea?

So. Where do these limiting beliefs come from? Well, they’re hanging out inside your subconscious mind and you most likely developed them as a child.

Let’s Talk About the Brain
Everything that’s controlling what you believe and how you act is stored in your brain. Your conscious mind is the stuff you are actually cognizant of (what you’re seeing, hearing, aware of thinking, etc.). And get this – it only makes up 5% percent of what your brain does. The other 95% (!!!) is all your subconscious mind. Think breathing, swallowing, blinking. You don’t actually think about doing any of that. That’s the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind is also in charge of keeping you safe. It does this by keeping your thoughts and actions similar to the thoughts and actions you’ve had in the past. Those have kept you alive so far, so may as well not change things, right? So, anything that you have heard and experienced on a consistent basis is stored by the subconscious brain as “the way we do things,” and they become beliefs that you hold to be true.

Some of these beliefs we have developed are probably awesome and serve us really well! However, we’re probably all carrying around a few (or more) beliefs that are keeping us from being the version of ourselves we’d really love to be!

How Do We Discover Our Limiting Beliefs?
It’s actually pretty simple! Start to listen to that “mean girl” voice inside your head. Anytime you hear her, that’s a clue that there’s a limiting belief lurking underneath what she’s saying. Spend a day or two really tuned into the script that’s running inside your head and write down anytime you hear yourself beating yourself up or doubting yourself. I’ve found that times when I’m really excited about something or I have a vision for the future that I’m pumped up about tends to be when these limiting beliefs pop up the MOST.

Some areas where limiting beliefs run rampant? Self-image, money and finances, relationships, success, intelligence, careers. How do you feel about these areas of your life? Wherever you’re feeling fear or discomfort there’s most likely a limiting belief causing it

So What Do We Do About It?
You’ve gotta REWRITE those beliefs, girl! Guess what? All those limiting beliefs are NOT TRUE and they are not serving you in the slightest. So ditch them!! (If you want to learn even more about how to do this, you have to check out my amazing friend and mentor Marli Ansel!(@marli_ansel) She has taught me so much about rewriting limiting beliefs!)

Take your limiting beliefs and rewrite them in a way that is positive, in the present moment, and is going to help you be the version of yourself you know you are meant to be.

Let’s say you have a limiting belief that you aren’t creative. Rewrite it to say, “I have amazing, creative ideas that add so much value to the world!”  Say this to yourself every day!

Want to take it a step further and really make sure it sticks?? Take some action to prove to yourself that the newly rewritten belief is THE TRUTH. (Because it is.) Sticking with the creativity example. You could go out and do something that makes you feel really inspired and creative. Make it a point to catch yourself when you have new ideas and really honor them.

Let’s Review, Shall We?
Ok, so we realize that we’re carrying around some limiting beliefs that we developed years and years ago and have been solidifying our reinforcing our entire lives.

First, we identify what these beliefs are by paying attention to the “mean girl” voice inside our heads. When are we feeling fearful? When are we feeling afraid of judgement? When do we feel powerless? These are all indicators of limiting beliefs playing out in our minds. Write them down!

Next, we need to rewrite that belief to be something that SERVES us. The “mean girl” is a liar. Those limiting beliefs are not the truth. Turn your old belief into a new, positive affirmation that you can use on a daily basis.

Then, take some action that honors your new belief. Start walking the walk instead of just talking the talk! You’ve got this, my friend! Go get ’em.

About Caitlin
Caitlin Dobmeier is mama to her sweet and silly two-year-old, Lucy, and the founder of This Mama Is, a blog dedicated to showing mothers everywhere that they are strong, worthy, and never, ever alone. She is also a self-love and empowerment coach, working with women to step fully into their power, be unapologetically themselves and own their extraordinary.

Photo Credit: The Boudoir Studio