It’s officially the first day of summer!! So we wanted to share some key beach hacks with you.  We live in SoCal, so consider us beach pros since we can basically head to the beach most days of the year. But our beach game wasn’t always as good as it is now.  When we first moved to Los Angeles and didn’t have a kid so we would basically go to the beach with nothing but our swimsuits and towels.  Well those days are numbered; we are now those crazy looking parents you see that literally looks like we’ve packed our entire house and brought it to the beach for the day.  Your beach days won’t ever be pre-baby relaxing again, but I did figure out some hacks along the way so that when you do decide to brave the beach hopefully you won’t look or feel like a complete amateur.

1. SUNSCREEN – Apply before you leave the house so you’re sunscreen is completely absorbed into the skin and you don’t get sand stuck all over you.  Also, chill the sunscreen in your cooler so the next application is cold and refreshing!

2. CELL PHONE – The beach is a dangerous place for your phone!! So protect it from both the sand and the water by placing it in a zip lock bag.  Also make sure to cover it with a towel or shirt so it doesn’t over heat.

3. BEACH BLANKET – Use a fitted bed sheet and set it face-down on the sand, and use something – (large items you brought with you like the cooler, and backpack/diaper bag)  – to hold up the corners. This gives you a several-inch barrier against dreaded sand storm that your kids will create! If you decide to bring a beach blanket bring some extra zip lock bags and fill them with sand and use them as weights.

4. ICE – Freeze all of your drinks the night before so that they act as an ice pack and stay cold for the day.  And/or fill balloons with water freeze them and use them as ice in the cooler and the kids can have a water balloon fight at the end of the beach day to cool off.

5. SAND – For beaches that don’t have showers, make sure you pack some baby powder rub it on your body to get the sand off.

6. OCEAN – Bring the ocean to you by bringing a blow up pool.  There’s nothing worse than a kid that wants to spend their entire day running back and forth, in and out of the freezing cold Pacific Ocean!   This is my favorite trick of all; I bring a blow up pool and fill it with ocean water for my son to play in.  He enjoys filling buckets a few times back and forth, and then he can play right in front of me in the water by our beach blanket.  Yes, I still have to go to the ocean and fill up but it makes for far less trips than if I didn’t have the pool there. Plus a blow up pool is super compact and easy to bring to the beach.

7. VALUABLES – One of the most annoying parts about the beach is that you have unsecure valuables.  Make sure you have a good way to hide them while you go in the water.  If you have kids, wrap your phone and car keys in a clean diaper.  No one will ever want to steal your shit, literally…

8. FOOD – Keep it simple.  Pack peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on Hawaiian Buns. Cut up some fresh fruit and veggies. To keep the dry items like the sandwiches dry, put a rack in the cooler to separate wet and dry items.

9. TIMING – Go early or late to avoid biggest crowds and the worst of the sun’s heat!

10. GET SOME WHEELS – It might be an all-terrain wagon, or stroller. But if you’re going to get all this stuff down to the beach, you’re going to need some wheels. Fill it with all your things and drag that shit down the beach, because let’s face it we’re all too tired to carry anything.

11. SHADE – Bring a tent, or an umbrella, no matter what you’ll need shade. Most importantly make sure you know how to set it up in advance. Watch YouTube videos, practice at home.  My husband has literally tossed a beach tent into the trash because he got so frustrated trying to set it up.  There’s no better way to kill the relaxing beach mood than to storm off to a trash can and shove your shitty tent as hard as you can inside… don’t be that guy.

We hope you all can enjoy the beach this summer and that these hacks make your life a little easier. Happy first day of summer ya’ll!

Here are some of our favorite beach memories!