The first birthday is such a milestone and gifts can sometimes be tricky and daunting. Thinking of something special and sentimental can be difficult since you’re not sure what the baby needs and mom and dad usually have their own agenda. There are certain things that every toddler could use going into their second year of life. Here are some practical and stylish gifts that parents and baby will both love.

1. Walking shoes. Those first steps are the most important and what better gift than to help your fav little one walk! Just remember the most important thing about first walking shoes is that soft sole so the baby can feel the ground.


When I researched shoes for my son I had a hard time finding shoes that were good for walking but also cute. I found Robeez to be a great first walking shoe that are stylish and practical.


Whether you’re buying infant or toddler shoes these are great for supporting early steps. Be sure to size up so they can grow into them.

Clam feet

I’ve found these are the best for new walkers. Fit and feel like their own feet and this brand offers cute fun prints to make them a super stand out gift.

Slipper socks

Not a lot of moms know about these so it’s a great gift for fall and winter birthdays. Great alternative for socks with the non slip bottoms.


One can never have too many moccasins. They are easy, comfortable and stylish. Will never go out of style!

2. Growth Chart. Make that first birthday extra special by giving a growth chart that is super unique and something they will literally grow with.

Little Lemon That Leapt

This is based off of a children’s book series and I just love the message behind it, teaching kids that weird is wonderful!

Wee gallery

This is the cutest black and white growth chart with different animal themes. Great for the chic, hip, urban family


If you’re looking for a more specific personal touch try Etsy for custom options and unique finds like these surfboard charts.

Pottery barn

Not your typical growth chart with the shapes cut out and also works as an interesting wall decal. They have monogramming options to give it more of an intimate touch

Land of nod

I love how this chart looks like a skateboard but is a growth chart as well. This is a versatile piece that can go in any room, at any age.

3. Ride on toy. Every kid should have one!! This is seriously best gift for a one year old. They can ride and push all day.

Push car

My personal fav is the radio flyer cars – they just look so retro and remind me of when I was a kid. Great for walks or just riding around the house!

Schylling speedster car

This is a stylish ride on car that is not only appealing to the eye but also easy to ride. They may not be ready to ride on it at one year but will soon, and in the meantime it looks cool even if it is just sitting in the corner!

Haba auto stroller

At this age all a baby wants to do is push anything they can and throw things in and out. This auto stroller will get them pushing all their toys around.

Wishbone flip bike

This innovative design, which converts from a trike to a balance bike, is a winner with both parents and children.

Animal rocker

This animal rocker is not only adorable but kids love to climb on and rock all day. Since it’s a larger gift try and get something that goes with the baby’s room décor.

4. Personalized ANYTHING. A sentimental and special gift is anything that is personalized. A keepsake that the baby will have forever

Step Stool

Create a custom step stool to use in playroom, bedroom or bathroom.


As the baby gets older robes are a great alternative to towels. The little customization on the chest or hood makes it even cuter and more special.


Although a one-year-old cant carry a backpack yet, this custom backpack makes it fun to put things in and take out. Great way to start practicing for school.

Beach chair

Every kid needs his or her own beach chair!! You cant go wrong with this gift-it comes with an attachable umbrella and easy to tote to and from the beach.


A beanbag is great for adults and kids. Its something the baby will grow into and great for seating in the playroom or bedroom.

5. Clothes. Babies grow so quickly so clothing is always a necessity. Most parents receive gifts up to the one-year mark so they usually run out of clothes. Some of my fav brands are:


I find myself constantly adding things to my Zara cart. They have the best fashionable pieces at a great price. It seems there is always an item coming out each week that I must have.

2-piece pj’s

It’s such a fun transition to start putting the baby in 2-piece pjs. It’s as if they’re no longer a baby and have become a toddler-they look so grown up. Target has the best 2 piece superhero pjs. So soft and affordable

Rylee and Cru

I know I can always find great pieces from Rylee and Cru. Moms will love that each piece is fashionable but also very wearable.

Go Gently Nation

This will win you major points. Go Gently always has the softest fabric and the best basics. Also very durable that will last through all the dirt and spills

Tiny Cottons

If you’re going for that wow factor this brand is definitely a showstopper with their fun prints and colors.

6. Mealtime. After a baby turns 1 there are a lot of changes that happen including their eating habits. Moms are always in need of new products with every change. These products are great for the next stage for developing safe healthy eating habits.

Cheeky baby

Cheeky created a baby line with a wide range of products available at Target. This cutlery set is easy to grab which encourages the baby to use them independently.

Avanchy bamboo suction set

I’m not going to lie, when I first saw this I loved it because of how stylish it was but then discovered it’s also safe and practical!

Omie life lunchbox

This innovative lunch box stores hot and cold food at the same time. Not to mention it’s the cutest lunch box ever!!

Reusable pouch

Not only are these safe and great for the environment but they also saves a ton of money by reusing them! You will be a hero to any mom who hasn’t tried them yet.

Suction placemats

My son was a pretty clean eater until after he turned one and wanted to throw his bowls and plates around. Eating habits change so much and this placemat was a lifesaver.

7. Active gifts. Being active with your toddler is the best gift you can give any parent. This is the ultimate quality time as a family.


This bike attachment sits comfortably on the back of the bike and is super easy to attach.


This tricycle features a removable parent push handle so you can guide it while the baby can safely learn how to balance and hold onto the handlebars and push the pedals. Such a fun activity for parents and kids to do together.


Sports is another great way to spend time as a family and this basketball hoop actually got my son excited to walk!


Safety is most important. Giving a helmet as a gift shows that you are thoughtful and care about the baby and want him or her to be active but safe.


Getting outside and being one with nature is hard to do with a baby. This will motivate parents to do so and spend time being active outside as a family.