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In life, I have found there is a lot of ambiguity.  While there may appear to be two sides to every subject, in reality there are a lot of shades and hues.  Misperception and misunderstanding are byproducts of lack of knowledge or openness to communication.  That, in a sense, is was this blog is about.  It’s not about telling the reader what to feel or think, it’s about giving each of ourselves permission to discuss, dialogue and come to our own conclusions.  Let me just say, that I am not a Scientologist.  But one of my very close friends is.  And I am proud to say that my circle of loved ones includes individuals from every walk of life, ethnicity, religious background and more.  And for me, I feel it’s important to have even a general understanding of what makes them tick. I think we will all agree that the world is made up of diversity – and the sooner we can embrace that, the more we will all understand each other.  And it all starts with communication. This is her story- Tammin Sursok


My first friend in LA was quite the Scientology conspiracy theorist. I hadn’t heard much about Scientology until she unlocked her “truths” about it. One night over dinner at a quaint neighborhood joint, she stated, ‘Scientologists aren’t allowed to consort with squirrels’. After I digested that stranger than strange information she further mentioned, ‘they kidnap people!’.

I HAD to find out more! This sounded very LA David Lynch eccentric to me and it just so happened my really cool boyfriend, now husband, was and remains a Scientologist. When I approached my trés awesome guy about these outlandish tales of squirrel friends and human hijacking, he patiently diffused these ficticious ideas and explained any questions I had. At the end of our conversation I declared, ‘I want to go down there!’.

Upon my arrival, I learned that any ideas and information ‘is only true if it’s true for you’. That certainly felt right!

You see… I grew up going to therapy of one kind or another. It never really helped me. I’m not slamming therapy. I actually think it’s great to get your feelings out, but once I experienced auditing (Scientology counseling which rids unwanted barriers that inhibit, stop or blunt natural abilities), I realized why regular talk therapy didn’t benefit me.

Time. Typical therapy is generally one hour a week whereas auditing is done intensively. That means while you’re on a program, you organize your schedule to dig in for twelve or more hours a week. I use the analogy of a beautifully sculpted derrière. Unless you’re Gisele, this requires more work than an hour a week. So does spiritual freedom or really anything else you’re trying to accomplish. A BIG however… auditing is exponentially more therapeutic and gets the results of 2-3 years of therapy in a matter of hours with the most basic Scientology auditing processes. It’s the bomb diggity!

Goals. I dig goals! Traditional therapy goes on and on and on. It’s endless. However, at the end of each Scientology step there’s a very specific goal and ability attained before moving on. For instance, The Purification Program (where you take vitamins, exercise, sweat and detox in a sauna) enables an individual to rid himself of the harmful effects of drugs, toxins and chemicals that lodge in the body and create a biochemical barrier to spiritual well-being. Another program I got a lot out of resulted in the ability to recognize the source of problems and make them vanish. Vroom… outta here!

Accountability (AKA Responsibility). Full responsibility is not fault, it’s recognition of being cause (vs. effect). Being answerable for one’s behavior. Taking responsibility for you, your spouse, your group, mankind… when you get into the habit of taking responsibility, you have control. If I’m late, I didn’t leave early enough. It doesn’t have anything to do with traffic. Or take for instance the all too common woman who has a habit of choosing terrible men. Inevitably you’ll hear her say, ‘all men are assholes!’. Have you heard that saying, ‘wherever you go, there you are’? Indicating the woman is the common denominator in the above situation. She’s basically announcing, ‘I’m a victim to men’. If someone were to take responsibility over their issue with men, there’d be nothing to talk about. They’d have control (in a stupid good way!).

Look, shit happens. Accidents happen. I’m not immune to this. But when that shit happens, I take a look at what I did and adjust my behavior or decision making for the future. Dianetics remarks on having right answers and being cleared of useless answers which keep a being from living and thinking. Some of my past decisions are spot on, some suck. Like the time I chose the wrong business partner and I knew it before we shook hands and went ahead ignoring my knowingness. Or being a stoner in high school (the list goes on!). The goal is to make correct decisions. Period.

Life devoid of Scientology would’ve been mediocre at best. I’d most likely have turned to pills and check out from my mundane existence and gotten hitched to a more lower than middle class alcoholic who never inspired me. Or maybe I’d have found my way because I’m a seeker and industrious by nature, but since I’ll never know, I’m grateful I have answers and tools to life’s curious questions.

Some of my Scientology wins…

The bummer solution: I used to bum out regularly. I’d stew in it to the point where it’d ferment. Now, when I feel a bit down (on an irregular basis), I know what to do to alleviate it. I go for a walk and look around at my surroundings or I organize a drawer or my car trunk. I do something.

The colossal tantrum: Speaking of taking a look-see around… I use this ‘trick’ on my 3 year old. Picture this: a colossal tantrum with thrashing, gnashing and sobbing because I wouldn’t let her play with scissors. I pick up this arching, kicking ‘angel’, extract her outside and simply point to things, getting her back to present time and off sharp pointy things. Or I ask her, ‘what do you see that’s green?’. She immediately ceases wailing. Bing Bang BOOM!!!

The quintessential attitude: A fabulous Scientologist who directed me in a play owns the perfect attitude. I take every opportunity to observe his beautiful, debonair way that makes each person feel special and heard. Learning to ‘grant beingness’ is a huge life lesson for me. This means allowing others to be who they are. You see, my home-life was based on judgey judgerton and unfortunately it bled over to my attitude. Now I choose to flow admiration and the response is incredible. I actually get people to listen. It may seem obvious, but this was major for me.

The career handler: One of my favorite tools I use for my career is something called the condition formulas. These help you rise from one place in life to a better place by achieving goals. For instance, I want the part as the deaf girl in a particular TV show, but nobody knows who I am. I am in the condition of non-existence. The formula is as follows: 1) find a communication line (the route from which communication travels from one person to another) – First, I’ll reach out to my manager to see who he knows and I’ll concurrently look at everyone involved in the project. 2) make yourself known. I’ll write my own personal emails while my manager reaches out to casting. 3) discover what is needed and wanted, they want a self-taped audition because they are in NY and I’m in LA. 4) do produce and/or present it, I tape a high-quality audition and have my manager send it off to casting.

Back to other stuff…

At the time of this writing, the Paris attacks just happened then the San Bernadino shootings. I’ve been thinking a lot about L. Ron Hubbards’s ultimate goal: to *clear the planet (*2 definitions of CLEAR I like are found in the Dianetics and Scientology Technical Dictionary). 1) A CLEAR has no vicious reactive mind (that insane irrational side of you that only reacts and doesn’t think) and operates at total mental capacity. 2) The completely cleared individual would have all his self-determinism in present time and would be completely self-determined (ex: The ignorant fighters recruited by Isis are contradictory to someone acting in a self-determined way. They’re sheep.).

It may seem like ideology to Clear the Planet, but what if…? What if the average percentage of evil-doers of this world could actually think rationally for themselves and act in ways that are pro-survival and considerate?

There are people who may question Scientology and looked into it and decided it’s not for them, but they’re fine for others to be involved. Then there’s a small percentage of people who are intolerant and bigoted and no matter how much truth about Scientology is presented to them, they just won’t see it. If you hear someone disparaging my religion in a bigoted fashion (irrationally against us), take a good look at them. Are they happy? Are they in a flourishing relationship? Or are they baked half the time at happy hour? I’d challenge that person to read THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THOUGHT or DIANETICS instead of taking the one-sided documentary, Going Clear as truth. I ask that you respect my beliefs, just as I’ll grant you the same consideration. Scientologists are a group of individuals who work to better themselves, their family, friends, mankind, the ecosystem, their homes and buildings and spiritual freedom.


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