My personal venture into the area of natural, healthier-for-you options for skincare, haircare & cosmetics has long been of interest to me. But only recently has my “interest” or “curiosity” peaked into that of “absolute necessity”. Last September 2015, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Endometriosis. This resulted in my second emergency surgery in my reproductive area, but this time losing my right ovary, fallopian tube, appendix, etc…basically Endo. was covering my entire pelvic cavity. Endometriosis causes scar tissue and cysts that cause your organs to stick together, destroying them. It’s extremely painful to live with and it’s a disease that affects 176 million women worldwide. I guess I had known something was wrong with my body for a long time, but I really only started paying attention to it in the last two years. My period pain got worse and worse throughout the years, to the point where I could barely walk, and my PMS was through the roof! Overall I had a feeling of chronic fatigue and pain, and I just accepted feeling awful because I had gone to numerous doctors that told me it was normal, telling me to take ibuprofen or try to get to try another type of birth control pill (I have tried many different brands of birth control pills throughout the years and all leave me feeling worse with horrible side effects).

So I dealt with the pain. The last two years though, I’ve had about five visits to the ER, due to pain and ovarian cysts that kept forming, but no doctor ever mentioned Endometriosis to me. It wasn’t until my parents had had enough of my daily calls complaining of pain and seeing their daughter get sicker and sicker, that I went to specialists at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona. It was there that I finally got a diagnosis and got the best surgery specialists for my operation (which is to have excision surgery).

There is not prevention or cure for Endometriosis, and it does come back, (which is totally disheartening), and it can also cause infertility (that’s a whole other story) but in the meantime you better believe I am going to find alternative ways to help heal my body! Besides going to acupuncture once a week, and taking Chinese herbs my acupuncturist mixes for me, I have completely changed my eating habits to a gluten free, soy free, dairy free diet while also cutting WAY down on sugar…which all helps to lessen inflammation in the body. Through my research to find ways to slow down my Endometriosis from reoccurring, I’ve really realized just how full of toxic ingredients the beauty products we use daily are. These ingredients cause a host of bad side-affects over time and some are actual hormone – disruptors, which could have totally contributed to my body being out of whack. Even tampons and pads are ridden with chemicals, so I’ve switched to natural options with those as well. If anyone suffers from Endometriosis I’d love to hear your thoughts. I know the chronic pain and fatigue is  total downer and it can be hard to get through the day! I feel for all of you. Check out my selection of healthy products to use for total body care and if you want cheaper options I’ll do another post on those as well.

xoxo Ashleigh