Over three years ago my life completely changed. On October 8th 2013 I gave birth to Phoenix Emmanuel Sursok-McEwen. I remember that day so well that it burns bright in vivid technicolor. The moment I saw her I experienced a form of love that was all consuming, painfully deep and transformative. Little did I know that it was just the beginning of the intense emotions I would continue to feel as I paved the uncharted territory of becoming a first time mother. Parenting isn’t always easy. It is definitely not Pinterest board perfection and Instagram curated easiness. It is intense and overwhelming and messy but it is also so colossally beautiful and illuminating. As parents, we continue to be the best trailblazers for our children. To guide them and keep them safe and nourish their bodies. It is vital for us to choose the highest quality products to help educate our kids while keeping life fun. That’s why today I am reviewing the company Munchkin. A company I truly believe in. For my family and for the families I love. Founded in Los Angeles, Munchkin develops innovative, modern and credible products for babies and children that make parents lives easier and more enjoyable by thinking of the “little things”.

The moments my daughter and I have bonded the most have been over mealtimes and bathtimes. I think the natural set up of these two scheduled events each day has given us the opportunity to have meaningful conversations, lets me help gently teach her and have a blast while doing it. My favorite products are listed below. Try them out and let me know your thoughts. You and your little one won’t be disappointed!



Phoenix loves to be involved in choosing and preparing her food. These munchkin feeding products are perfect tools to help your kids feel like they are contributing to their healthy diets. They are easy to use and great for the road. The Go Mash Food Masher Set is amazing for our favorite go to’s, such as avocado and bananas, the Stay-Put Suction Bowls are prefect to prevent spills and messes and the Lil’ Apple Plates plates stimulate the senses with their bright colors and divide snacks in fun shapes.

Phoenix mashing yummy avocado in the Go Mash Food Masher Set.


Our Stay-Put Suction Bowls are great to prevent spills!


Lil’ Apple Plates are the best for deciding our snacks!

Snack time with mummy!

Check out our snack time video below!


Bath time is probably my favorite activity to do with my daughter. I have always loved a bath myself and we just have so much fun! We play and laugh and learn our numbers and letters together. By far, Munchkin has the best products for kids to play with in the bath. Our favorite bath time products are

1.Learn Bath Letters and Numbers  having fun while learning!

2. Splash-N-Swim Mermaid that when pulled our Mermaid swims across the bath. Makes my daughter laugh every time.

3. Fishin’ Bath Toy my daughters favorite. Hours of entertainment while helping hand-eye coordination

4. Super scoop and High and Dry Bath Organizer Declutter say what?! Lifesaver for me with Phoenix’s bath toys. Mesh fabric of the Super Scoop increases air flow so toys dry quickly, reducing mildew risk.

5. Beak Spout Guard. Duck-shaped spout guard covers faucet to help prevent bumps and burns. A must have!

6- Tea Set Spark your little ones imagination with this charming bath tea set complete with a glittery teapot, matching tea cups, and scrumptious-looking cupcakes.

Learning is so much fun in our bath!

Beak Sprout Guard keeps Phoenix safe while sparking her imagination.

Bath time tea party!


Organization skills on point!

See below for our fun bath time video!

Hope you liked our tips and tricks for bath and snack time. Comment below and share with all your mama friends!!

With love,

Tammin, Phoenix and Munchkin xoxo