There are places you’ve yet to arrive that are holding a place for you. There are people you haven’t met that are holding a space in their heart for you. There are moments in time that are waiting for you to arrive. There are spaces on this earth that only you can fill, and they are waiting for you.

There is a dance class holding your spot, a job waiting for you to apply, a dog waiting for you to adopt, a team looking for you to coach, a partner waiting for your love, or an unborn child waiting to enter your life at the perfect time. The key word here is you. These spaces aren’t waiting for just anyone, they are waiting for you.

Fill that space. There is a calling in your heart. It is quiet.

That is the thing about callings…they are telephones that ring ever so gently in your soul, unending they ring, waiting for your answer. Be still and know, the phone is ringing. It’s for you. Will you answer?

Sit with yourself a moment. Listen. Do you hear it? You might look around. No one else can hear it. It’s a ring with a frequency only you can hear. The way only a dog can hear a high decibel whistle, your soul is calling. You have a frequency on this big giant earth with all these billions of people that only you can hear.

You might ask, if this is true, why isn’t everyone doing extraordinary things. The answer is that only few listen, and only few answer. It will take courage yes, that’s why many don’t answer. The thing though, is that you have that courage inside of you already.

I want to articulate to you in simple words that you are a thing on this earth that cannot be replaced. I want you to understand the gravity of that along with the brevity of life. You were strategically placed here to do this thing, these very specific things. Please, show up. We need you. We need you.

You might look around. Me? Yes, you. Please believe me when that I say you are crucial to this time and to the space that you find yourself. You are not ordinary. Nothing is ordinary. The only thing that could possibly be ordinary about you is your perspective on yourself. Believe me and excuse me when I say, you are wrong. You might say, but I’m just a bank teller, a merchandiser, a teacher, a hopeful writer, an artist, or a stock trader. Yes, right there, perfect.

Right where you stand, start there.

It is by no accident you find yourself right there at that job, in that city, at that bar, in that office, or in that hospital. Please know that no time or circumstance passes by accident.

You, right there, that’s perfect, start there.

If you must, just entertain the idea that this is true, because I promise it is. I am no omniscient being, but if I came here with just one spec of truth, it’s that you’re needed somewhere and somewhere needs only you. There are no exceptions to this rule.

I spent many years thinking I was just an afterthought on this earth. I spent many years watching other people do extraordinary things while thinking it must be nice that life chose them. Life chose you, not to do what they are doing, but to do what I know you know in your heart to be true. Please chose life, and chose you. Not a second has passed in your life that was not intended. Do not think you know better than to judge yourself as anything less.

Sit with yourself from a moment. Listen. What do you hear?

There, yes that, follow that, and please don’t look back.

This article was originally published on Caitlin McDowell’s blog. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram.