As the seasons change, so does our wardrobe, our hair, our makeup, even our mood. We tend to sport darker colors in the fall/winter seasons, while opting for more energetic and sultry styles for spring/summer. This time, we’re taking notes from the runway & giving our vibrant looks the splash of power they deserve.

Typically, women find themselves hindered to wear rich, bright colors – think on the “red” side of the spectrum – myself included. If and when we do decide to put on that sexy red dress, it’s usually for a nighttime affair and after we’ve ensured we haven’t had any carbs that week. But ladies… this. stops. now. It’s time to bring out your hot, fiery pieces and wear them not only proudly, but fiercely.

The thought of “intimidation” may come to mind, but fear not, my fellow female fashion muses. The intimidation is a thing of the past. Understand that wearing vibrant colored pieces in broad daylight is – shockingly – the exact thing you should be doing.


Whether you’re opting for a fitted skirt and crop top combo or a more loose fitting ensemble, the one thing you’ll have in common is the empowerment of taking this trend head on.


Remember, bright tones don’t always have to be associated with sultriness (even though that’s what we want them for). You can wear a long structured skirt (with stripes or a simple pattern), for a brunch date with girlfriends or a day out with that special someone around town. Pair this saucy little number with a pair of neutral colored heels and you’ll be good to go! The important thing to keep in mind is that when you’re taking on a risky color, something outside of your comfort zone, you want to make sure to pair it with neutrals. This way, your clothes get the attention they deserve and you don’t have to worry about braving to wear those 7-inch platform heels you’ve been keeping in your closet. Win-win.





If you’re more of a causal type of gal (and hey, aren’t we all at some point in our day?) go for a more subtle version of the powerful rose tones. You can do this elegantly by wearing something that drapes and flows around you. A long maxi dress. A winged blouse. A t-shirt with a cape combo. If it flows, if it drapes, if it falls sweetly around you and lets the breeze roll in, then it’s a done deal. In this case, you can dip your toes in the accessory pool and go for more statement pieces to complement your look. Whether it’s a strong aluminum necklace, thick rose gold cuffs, or even a pair of sexy ripped jeans, feel free to pair your vibrant adventure with a little extra va-va-voom.


The point is to step out of your comfort zone. To put on that red dress you’ve been saving in your closet for that “special day” you’re not even sure exists anymore. To embrace your power and wear the clothes, instead of letting the clothes wear you.

Red is sexy. Rose is sweet. And everything in between is nothing short of sultry.

Just like you.