Most moms understand sleep deprivation. Not just being “tired” but a zombie like perpetual state of being complexly zonked. The first few months after having Phoenix I left the car running, twice, (don’t worry I had Phoenix with me), I put my phone in the fridge for a few hours and I invited a whole party to someone else’s address. Those neighbors were’t too impressed. So it’s safe to say, that mums do not spend enough time in a deep sleep. Sleep is vital for health. Adequate sleep helps memory, curbs inflammation, spurs curiosity and makes you live longer!  I realized this early on and decided to make my bedroom and my bed the most comfortable and serene space I could. I chose a vibrant but soft color palette, surrounded my environment with familial keepsakes and I bought the best mattress I could find. For our family, we chose Lull Mattress because not only was it a THIRD of the price of a retail mattress and had therapeutic support for my sore mom muscles but we could try it first for 100 days to see if we were all comfortable. And did I mention it comes in a box?! Say what?!!

Here are some cool facts about Lull Mattress. Our family loves them and I’m sure you’re will to.

  • – premium foam mattress for a fraction of the cost.
  • – 3 layers of advanced sleep technology
  • – 350% better at regulating temperature
  • – free shipping to your door
  • – 100 nights free trial.



The most comfortable bed!