We are featuring one of our most favorite artists on the blog, Amanda Petro. We stumbled upon Amanda’s work on instagram and were completely drawn in to her unique style of painting. She has an eye for creating beautiful color schemes and a vision that stands out from the work of other artists. We found… Read more »


As with any title or annotation in the pop-culture lexicon, a name can instantly conjure a feeling or communicate a message with distinct resonation. And the moniker, “Stepford Wives” does just that. Immediately, one conceives images of buttoned up, picture perfect women, living ala the “better half”, cookie-cutter even, all attempting to one-up each other… Read more »


At age 17, David Uzochukwu is taking the photography world by storm. When David was 10-years-old he caught the photography bug and hasn’t stopped since. His work has been featured in Okayafrica, BLINK magazine,, among many others. David was also featured on Flickr’s 20under20 list in 2014. He is definitely someone to keep your… Read more »


British born artist Paul Stowe began his own artistic journey whilst spending 12 years living and studying in China. Now working out of his studios in St. Ive’s, Cornwall, England he is inspired by his natural surroundings, the numerous world class galleries and the plethora of emerging artists all vying for attention in what has… Read more »


Nicky Barkla is a self-taught psychedelic-surrealist artist. With no prior art training, and only a belief that art should be free of any rules, Barkla displays an unmistakable free-style approach when it comes to portraying self-expression, pop-culture icons and surrealism to represent deep thought alongside simple-yet-complex galaxy scenes from a tent on Mars (OK, not… Read more »