Every year we see a series of beauty trends. Whether it’s a bold statement lip or dewy skin, we see the trend repeated on the runways, magazines or on the street. I’ve put together a series of hair and makeup looks from this year and my take on them. Below is a “how to” executed by my incredible hair and makeup team. Revlon Makeup Director Melanie Burnicle and Matrix ambassador Lores Giglio. The photography was taken by the insanely talented Carlo Fernandes.

Caramel Delight

Caramel tones and pin straight hair






How To :

Foundation: Matte skin tone is key for this look – no shimmer!

Eyes: Use the Revlon Bronzer in Sun Glow, lightly create a wash from the lash-line to the brow bone and softly place along the lower lash-line under the eye. Use Primer, Shadow + Sparkle Palette in Metropolitan. Mix the brown and gunmetal colors (2&3) together on the brush and work along the top lash-line, under the lower lash-line and onto the outer corner of the eye. Wet a super fine brush and place in the brown shadow and create a fine line right along the lower lash-line. Repeat for the upper lash-line but create a stronger line and smudge it out. Use mascara then apply wispy false lashes to the top (we used Revlon super length).

Brows: Lightly fill with Revlon BrowFantasy in Brunette

Cheeks: Use Bronzer and work under the cheek bone in the outer 3rd of the cheekbone (we used Revlon in Sun Glow).

Lips: Revlon Superlustrous Lipstick in Honey Bare.




How to:

Step 1 – Wash with Matrix Biology Smoothproof.

Step 2 – Apply Matrix Heat Buffer to damp hair for protection, blow dry the hair smooth and straight with a large round brush still keeping body in it. Spray Matrix Texture Builder from roots to ends throughout the whole head to add a little texture without feeling like you have product in your hair.

Session Tip – We used 2 hair dryers to achieve the image coming from 2 different directions on high speed.