Wait – No brainer, right? So many people talk about needing to live a healthier lifestyle but do nothing about it. If you truly desire change, then you must take action! Do something TODAY to get the ball rolling. Go workout! Cook a healthy meal! Go drink some water! Or – I suppose you could wait until tomorrow, or the next day…or maybe next week. Get my drift?

Have a plan

You’re in the gym doing the zombie dance. Wandering aimlessly – no idea what to do! Machines? Crunches? Weights? This will not get you results that will keep you motivated! Sit your butt down, type into Google “free fitness plans”, and find one that you like! Start today and GET TO WORK! Now you have a schedule to follow as well as effective routines. Time to kick some butt!

Track your results

You started your newly Googled fitness plan in order to change your body. You MUST have a way to measure these changes. I recommend taking photos, a weight measurement, and body measurements. I know – this isn’t fun, but in 30 days when you are down a few pounds and a few inches in your wait – oh yeah – you’ll be hooked.

PRO TIP! Even though you don’t have the body of your dreams yet, YOU MUST love yourself for who you are. This is a new you! No more comparing yourself to a time in your life when you were in better shape. Appreciate every change you make whether it’s losing your first pound, a small change in your body, or even cutting out soda! These will add up big over time!

Don’t make excuses

A buddy once told me, “Hey man I’m going to start my plan in two weeks”. Baffled, I asked him, “Why wait?!” He then tells me that he had a bachelor party coming up in two weekends and “it makes no sense to start now because I’m going to blow it that weekend.” HE was not ready to commit to making a change. But you are!

Special occasions are a part of life. Eat a piece of cake at your friend’s birthday party – but don’t get crazy! Traveling for work? Workout in the hotel gym or in your hotel room on a mat – no excuses! You are on a new journey, and you WILL overcome your old habits!

Enjoy the journey

Make fitness a part of your life! It’s not a 30 day get ripped quick plan. Finished a program? Move on to the next! Consistency-is-key! And why not make if FUN? Invite your friends to workout with you! Try some healthy recipes out! Even explore sharing fitness posts on social media (selfie time!). Also remember to throw in some moderation instead of limitation. If you fear food or life events (aka bachelor parties), it will only scare you away from staying consistent. So go ahead and have a few drinks on the weekend (preferably light beer or vodka sodas!) and grab that slice of pizza. And remember, YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE PROGRESS IN YOUR FITNESS JOURNEY EVERYDAY. You’ve got this!